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Project Description
This is a simple game for Windows Phone 7.1 (Mango). The point of it is to show off how to do different things in WP7.1 within the context of a complete app,

Current Status

20/4/12 - Working on, added live tile support so the backs of tiles show the last puzzle state.

Available on the App Store!

As of 23rd April 2013, Sliding Block is now available on the App Store! This link will take you there.

Detailed Description

This is a sliding block puzzle game, a deliberately very simple sliding block puzzle game! Hopefully this will be useful for Windows Phone 7.1 developers who are just getting started as it demonstrates lots of useful techniques.

I'll be adding documentation for what I consider to be the most useful bits and bobs over the next few weeks and months.

I'm new to CodePlex and Mercurial, so if you see that I've done something wrong, or could do better, then please let me know!

The Issue Tracker shows what I'm currently working on.

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